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Jiva initiates learning and development among individuals living in Utrecht.
Learning is an individually different process of acquiring knowledge and meaning.
We offer high quality individual and group sessions in coaching, yoga and mindfulness. Hereby promoting well being.
About Jiva


Coaching revolves around the questions: Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? The premise here is that the coachee discovers his/her own answers.


Practice, practice and practice. ‘Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.’

Mindfulness training

In a nutshel

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention. Mindfulness improves quality of life and brings about positive changes in cognitive functioning.

The training

MBSR – Mindfulness-based stress reduction
MBCT – Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

About me

about yourself 
does something with you 
it brings you in motion. 
As a coach and trainer 
I stimulate 
this process 
and I guide you. 
I'm doing this 
on different levels. 
You start by that 
a learning process 
that you will direct 
yourself." Ana Trajanovska
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A. Scholten,
Sr. Risk manager

“Don’t let Ana’s kind and warm appearance misguide you. Her coaching sessions are spot on and on the edge of your comfort zone. Ana won’t push you to cross your limits but she will challenge you to the max of your ability. She is present with you and connected on your wave length. Her coaching sessions are a true gift to your personal growth.”

D. Khouw, System Administrator

“I started coaching sessions and yoga lessons at Jiva to find out what I really wanted out of life. Coaching with Ana helped me to get in touch with myself and to find what really motivates me. She provides a welcoming and open environment and challenges you to look beyond your comfort zone and current mindset. Her insights, while sometimes confronting or uncomfortable, are spot-on and in the end really helpful. The combination of doing coaching and yoga really put me in touch with myself and have helped immensely with finding direction, being grounded and developing awareness of self.”


Maaike Jonker

“Wat ik erg fijn vind aan jouw lessen is de aandacht. De aandacht voor de poses en voor de mensen in je les. Hier leer ik veel van.”

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Meike de With

“Great combination of relaxation and getting stronger, in a lovely atmosphere with lots of personal attention from Ana. Thank you!”