Welcome to Jiva

Jiva initiates learning for personal growth among individuals living in Utrecht.
Learning is a constructive, cumulative, self-directed and individually different process of acquiring knowledge, meaning and skill development.
We offer high quality individual and group sessions in coaching, yoga and mindfulness. Hereby promoting well being.
About Jiva





“Learning does something with people, it moves them. As a coach and yoga teacher I stimulate and guide that process. I do this at different levels enabling clients to start a self-directed learning process.”

– Ana Trajanovska


“Don’t let Ana’s kind and warm appearance misguide you. Her coaching sessions are spot on and on the edge of your comfort zone. Ana won’t push you to cross your limits but she will challenge you to the max of your ability. She is present with you and connected on your wave length. Her coaching sessions are a true gift to your personal growth.”

 – Alena Scholten

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