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Background and approach


On this page you find information about me as a person, a coach and a yoga teacher.
Ever since I can remember, I have been observant and reflective. Whereas my twin sister was gifted with humor and lush fantasy, I was the one who had a deeper look on things. What led me to study different subjects was my strong intellectual curiosity. A hunger to discover and learn. In 2012 I started practicing yoga. Soon after that, I started noticing the subtle effect of practicing regularly on my health. Yoga gradually helped me become more centered and connected with my authentic self. A part of me which at that point was out of sight, like a sky enshrouded by gray clouds.
In 2014 I took an anatomy course and in March 2015 I went to Nepal, to different places in the foothills of the Himalayas, to learn more about yoga and meditation. The humbleness of the people in Nepal was a mystery to me. This was something very different from what I knew, living in The Netherlands. And yet, something about it was resonating with me. In Nepal I did an introduction to vipassana meditation course and I learned Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in their traditional way from an Indian yoga school. Nepal is also the place where the idea for Jiva was born. An initiative to bring unity and harmony in our lives.
Work attitude
I am very passionate about coaching. Working with people allows me to use my core qualities: strong intuition, empathy and perseverance. My attitude is warm and open. In coaching sessions I can be deliberately confrontational. In my work I strive to do what I naturally do, lead by example, stimulate and inspire clients to explore and grow in their unique way of being.

Life experience

Plenty of life experience gave me the opportunity to grow on a personal level. When I was 9, my father became sick and died. In addition to this, I grew up in Macedonia, a country with transitional society. This provided enough opportunities to learn from direct experience. Such matters naturally asked to be recognized as part of my history. Self-development, however, did not come naturally, like everyone else I needed a reflection and guidance to learn from my own experience, a trigger to grow, to unfold. And so it was with me, just like the bamboo tree roots, when the internal structure of roots was mature enough, growth followed. When a certain level of maturity was reached, my view shifted. I started being concerned with content and looked beyond form. In terms of studies this meant work psychology and coaching. In terms of image, instead of creating image, allowing things to be shaped by just being. Embodying and speaking the truth that comes from your own source is what started appealing to me. A source rich of insights, which serves as a guide and inner compass. Nurturing and cultivating that source in myself and in others, that is what I do.


"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously"
Sofia Bush


Education and training

Get in touch

m: 0636030512
e: info@jivacoaching.nl