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Coaching starts with a coaching question. This can be about anything, from attachment or making decisions, to work-life balance or life direction. I am a personal coach trained to help you overcome difficulties regardless of what sphere they are in. I look at the person and the burden he/she carries. A coaching trajectory is also very helpful with addressing personal boundaries. 


We meet every two weeks for a session of 1 or 2 hours. Some need 5 to 10 sessions for their coaching question, others become a regular client embedding coaching in their self-directed learning process. My role is then a sparring partner. In a way every coach is different. For me central themes are: quality of contact and commitment. If you feel that you are ready to improve your personal performance and learning ability contact me today.


Do you want to improve your personal performance and learning ability? Read further.

The coaching sessions give you insight into the factors that are important to continuously develop and to operate in a self-directed manner. You develop a vision and understand your role in your personal growth. There is also a lot of attention for increasing your learning ability.

I have been trained to use coaching techniques as well as my intuition to help you become the best version of yourself, gradually and systematically. After a couple of sessions, your ability to reflect on yourself increases significantly and you get to know yourself in a new, different light connecting with your essential nature.

For whom is coaching?

We believe that everyone can use a coach. Coaching is for you if you are open for intensive personal development. Or if you are a manager or leader and want to learn the coaching style of leading.


Increased reflective ability
Insight into thinking and behavioral patterns
An open and fair look at yourself
Making (sustainable) choices
Communicating effectively

Leading effectively

Common subjects

Problems in or around work
Relationship problems
Low self-esteem
Difficulty with making decisions or taking initiative
Striving for continuous improvement
On the edge of burn-out